Q: What is the DURAFRESH™ Cloth made from?

A: The DURAFRESH™ cloth is made from dissolving wood pulp. The dissolving wood pulp is derived from portions of the tree that cannot be used as timber grade and is comprised of various tree species from managed forests.

As consumers drive increased demand for wood fiber textile products, we anticipate increased conversion of paper pulp mills in North American to dissolving pulp, used to make wood fiber thread. GLOBECOMaine plans to be on the forefront of a new textiles industry based in Maine, ultimately creating products from the north woods and bring them to your homes and businesses.

Q: Why is the DURAFRESH™ cloth course and stiff, right out of the package?

A: The DURAFRESH™ is treated with a natural corn starch, to stiffen for packaging. The starch needs to be rinsed out with warm water, or machine washed prior to first use. After rinsing, the cloth will be soft and absorbent.

Q: How does the DURAFRESH™ rinse out 99.9% bacteria free?

A: The cloths multilayer weave, picks up germs on services and releases germs when rinsed in the sink with tap water.

Q: Does the DURAFRESH™ cloth need to be washed to stay fresh?

A: The DURAFRESH™ cloth does not have to be washed, however it can be machine washed as needed. We recommend air drying or in the dryer on low – no heat, to reduce shrinking and extend the cloths life.

After rinsing, the DuraFresh Cloth will be soft and absorbent.

After rinsing, the DURAFRESH Cloth will be soft and absorbent.