Maine Start-up Begins Manufacturing of Germ-Fighting, Wood-Fiber Cloth in Dover-Foxcroft

GLOBEco Maine™, a start-up company focused on producing sustainable, higher-performing products, will begin manufacturing of its flagship product line, DURAFRESH cleaning cloths, at a former Hathaway shirt facility in Dover-Foxcroft in late-July.

The initial workforce will be comprised of three to five employees who will be responsible for stitching, sewing, inspecting, packaging and shipping the cloths for nationwide retail distribution. The employees will come from the Dover-Foxcroft area and bring experience in textile manufacturing.

“We wanted to capitalize on Maine’s heritage in textiles and the available labor force in the region to launch our manufacturing operations in Maine,” noted Phil Pastore, founder and CEO of GLOBEcoMaine™. He added, “It was a good fit from the start and we hope to work together to rejuvenate the economy in a way that marries existing skills and infrastructure with innovative new products.”

As sales grow, the company plans on expanding manufacturing operations at the facility and expects to make additional hires to meet anticipated demand. They also have plans to work with True Textiles in Gilford, Maine Stitching in Skowhegan, and Little River Apparel in Belfast.

GLOBEco Maine™, created with a strong background in materials science and engineering, is committed to developing high-performance products that promote healthier living, environmental responsibility and consumer value. Their first product, the DURAFRESH™ cloth, is made from renewable wood fiber, rinses an exceptional 99.9% germ-free in tap water, and can be composted.  Soft, absorbent and stain-resistant, it can be used on virtually any surface for cleaning, drying and polishing.

“We have big ideas for bringing smarter, more sustainable solutions to the global market – and are committed to making them here in Maine,” noted Pastore. “We wouldn’t have been able to get to this point without an equal commitment from our partners throughout the state.”

A combination of grants from the Maine Technology Institute, a Community Development Block Grant coordinated through Maine’s Department of Economic and Community Development, and CEI funding has enabled the company to conduct its product development and establish its manufacturing base here in the heart of Maine.

The company’s DURAFRESH™ cloth will be available in many retail outlets including: natural food, grocer, hardware, department, and specialty gift stores throughout the State and Country.  For more information on the cloth and when/where consumers can buy them can be found at: