Retailer Spotlight: Hannaford Supermarkets

If you live in Maine you’ve spent a fair amount of time in Hannaford Supermarkets. You know from experience that Hannaford is a top-notch neighborhood grocer, but maybe it’s time to get to know the local chain a little better. Did you know it got its start as a pushcart produce vendor on the Portland waterfront in 1883?


The late 19th century was a time of industry and progress in the Port City and Hannaford was right there, growing with the city and providing hard-working people with fresh, local garden produce. Back then, all produce came from nearby farms, and Hannaford still works in collaboration with local farmers, makers and artisans, and is committed to doing so as a member of our community

.Hannaford close-to-home

Hannaford launched its Close to Home program in 2008 to help customers find locally made and locally grown products when they shop. They partner with Spear’s Vegetable Farm of Nobleboro, Randall Orchard of Standish, Thomas Farms of Corinth, and Ararat Farms of Lincolnville, among others. We all want to buy local whenever we can, to support our farming neighbors and to buy the freshest fruits and vegetables available that haven’t been trucked needlessly across the country or shipped in from overseas.

Hannaford guiding

Healthy eating is a choice most of us strive for but sometimes find difficult to achieve. Hannaford’s Guiding Stars system provides visual guidance to healthy food choices while we’re in the hurried process of grocery shopping. When you’ve just gotten through a long day at work, picked up the kids, and are trying to focus on your list, your meal plan, your budget and time constraints, it’s reassuring to know that Hannaford has done some of the thinking and planning for us. Additionally, their website is a great place to find healthy, delicious recipes. These resources take some of the stress out of feeding a family.


Hannaford is dedicated to offering organic food and other natural products and to environmentally sound practices. The seafood they sell comes from sustainable sources, and they strive to reduce their CO2 emissions and increase their recycling every year. They also donate to local hunger-relief organizations. Hannaford is a vital part of our community and we are honored and thankful that you can find our Maine-made DURAFRESH™ cleaning cloths on the shelves of their stores throughout Maine and beyond, soon to have their “Close to Home” designation.


In striving to achieve a balance between work, family life, and making the world a better place, we save time & money by shopping at Hannaford.  And, you’ll soon appreciate why Hannaford carries a quality item like DURAFRESH™, because it promotes: cleaner, healthier living and it saves families hard-earned money.  DURAFRESH™ cloths make your world a little cleaner and life a little easier, and using them gives you peace of mind that you are doing what you can to have a positive impact on our homes, planet and local economy for today and tomorrow.