A Special Note of THANKS! Working Together – Growing Together

The DURAFRESH™ Team at GLOBEcoMaine is very Thankful for our people and community, and we are committed to making a lasting difference in our back yard. We are Mainers, and we’re strong, in-part, because we stick together.  Our employees make our business work every day; the creators, doers, and dreamers…, and we are very thankful to have had such great energy join us along our journey.  We’re also very proud to be able to give back whenever we can as we grow…

The support we’ve received from area businesses has been tremendous as well, and we return the favor every chance we get.  It’s a give and receive in perfect balance, offering guidance and sharing networks with a common goal of growing together.  We patronize local businesses, shops and artisans whenever possible, and if it’s not available locally, we ask each other “why not?” … and then work together to make it happen. We recognize great achievements in our past and expect to create many more in our future, and we love being part of the solution right here, right now, in this beautiful place we call home.

We believe in Maine’s long history of innovating and producing, and the hardworking folks who have maintained a work ethic second to none for many generations. This heritage, combined with our surrounding unmatched natural forest and technology resources, is the root of DURAFRESH™’s commitment to building a new bio-materials industry here in Maine. It’s all about a smarter way of living, with local interests and global impact at the heart of everything we do, all toward creating a range of employment opportunity so our youth can remain and/or return, to enjoy all of the beauty that our State has to offer.

As a small manufacturing company, the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) and Coastal Enterprises, Inc. (CEI), have been instrumental in bringing DURAFRESH™’s next generation bio-materials vision to life.  DECD and CEI have provided the support needed to get initial operations off the ground and product placed into the regional marketplace, while the Company is currently working to expand its regional and national presence for its flagship DURAFRESH wood fiber cloth.

DURAFRESH™’s story is a great example of how community individuals, businesses and agencies can work together in a common goal, and team for success, and DURAFRESH™ is just getting started.  We look forward to a bright future as a new-age materials supplier to world markets, which will create jobs and new revenues coming into Maine, with related economic development and prosperity rippling throughout our State and region.

“Thank You” to our: families, friends, employees, local business partners, State and regional agencies and enterprises, etc., who have all converged in helping DURAFRESH™ bring its eco-sustainable bio-fiber materials vision to life in 2016.  We are proud to be a small business in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, where a strong work ethic and the value of neighbors has never gone out of style, and we look forward to growing our role in supplying the global community with smarter, healthier, more affordable and sustainable bio-product solutions of the future.  “Buy Local” is how it all begins.


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