What is Durafresh Cloth Made From?

You’ve heard the news about a cleaning product that is really making waves. It’s Durafresh cloth and it could revolutionize the way we clean at home and at work. What is this innovative cleaning product made from, and why is it creating such a buzz?

Durafresh Cloth: The Natural Cloth for Cleaning

GlobEcoMaine, the manufacturer of Durafresh cloth, may have found the perfect material for their cleaning product. Pulpwood fiber is the portion of the tree that cannot be utilized as timber. It’s often considered to be a waste product, but it actually has remarkable properties that GlobEcoMaine has harnessed through innovative processing technology.

GlobEcoMaine weaves pulpwood fibers into multiple layers. The outermost layer does an amazingly effective job picking up dirt and bacteria on surfaces. But the real key to the Durafresh cloth’s performance is how readily it rinses clean. Bacteria and dirt don’t get trapped in the fibers the way they do in a cellulose sponge or a cotton dishrag. Just by running it under the tap, nearly 100 percent of bacteria is rinsed down the drain.

Cleaning Benefits

Its rinse-clean performance means that a Durafresh cloth doesn’t just shove bacteria around the way other cleaning products do. You can use a single cloth to effectively clean a whole kitchen. And no bacteria means no bad odor, so you can reuse it again and again, even without washing.

They do, however, stand up to several washes, making Durafresh an economical, environmentally responsible alternative to wasteful paper towels. And they’re biodegradable, so when they’ve finally given their all, they can be composted.

Durafresh cloths are treated with corn starch, another natural, renewable, biodegradable substance that keeps them stiff during shipping. As soon as you rinse them, they become soft and absorbent.

Clean All Around

Durafresh cloth is sustainably produced from natural, renewable wood fiber. It reduces solid waste by eliminating paper towel use. It cleans better than rags, sponges or treated wipes, doing so without harsh chemicals or antimicrobial agents. It’s the ideal choice for socially-conscious cleaning at home or at work. Try Durafresh cloths for yourself and experience the difference. It will change the way you think about cleaning.