Repurposing Wood Pulp for Our Sustainable Future

Though DURAFRESH™ cloths are made from the same wood fiber filaments as disposable paper towels, the clever woven construction of DURAFRESH™ allows it to be exceptionally long lasting and reusable, all while rinsing much cleaner than traditional cloths and sponges.  One DURAFRESH™ cloth is designed to replace the cleaning capacity of 20 rolls of paper towels, significantly reducing waste while promoting a cleaner/healthier living environment, and saving home owners hard-earned dollars. The more we use DURAFRESH™ as the better performing and responsible alternative to paper towels, the longer we can rely on our forests for our ecosystem foundation. From generating oxygen, to creating conditions for rainfall, materials for shelter and the range of essential everyday products, we need our forests to last.

Trees are one of the planet’s most abundant renewable resources and re-purposing wood pulp into our next generation consumer items is a vital part of our sustainable future. Our commitment to sustainability is at the heart of who we are and it is the reason we started this company. We believe that every choice we make today does indeed alter the course of tomorrow, especially when we make those smarter choices together!  Each of us can do our part in the products we use daily in our homes and workplaces, and we can magnify that positive impact as we share with our neighbors and teach our children that they don’t have to perpetuate a culture of disposable things and unnecessary waste; that there is always a better way.

Think about using more than ¼ mile of paper towels versus just one DURAFRESH™ cloth to manage the same number of cleanups… The DURAFRESH™ requires a fraction of the forest stock to make, and it results in a fraction of the post-use waste. And, at the end of its life cycle DURAFRESH™ is designed to compost in as little as twelve weeks post-use, biodegrading back into the soil to support new growth.

In a world that accentuates, “if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”, we work continuously to set a new bar in the evolution of a smarter way of life.  We are always looking for future solutions while keeping one foot firmly grounded in our past. As a forward-thinking small company, we love learning about other thought leaders who innovate and implement creative solutions to the challenges of our age. As the renowned anthropologist Margaret Mead once wrote: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Every time you use a DURAFRESH™ cloth you are making a conscious decision to Create, Conserve, Reduce, & Save: create a healthier living environment, conserve natural resources, reduce waste, and save money.  How many other items in our lives have that much impact?  Every small step matters. What we clean with can seem insignificant, but it’s at the core of our family life, and it can be one of the most important and responsible decisions you make. Think of how many paper towels you use daily, and how many trees that represents. Then extrapolate that by all of the households in your neighborhood, town, state, our country and our world. It all starts with the basics, and DURAFRESH™ is one of those difference makers!

Together, let’s make an true difference, one smarter solution at a time. And, please help us magnify our impact by sharing all good products and ideas with the people in your life. The simple act of using this intelligently designed woven wood fiber cloth versus a paper towel designed for obsolescence, will have an incredible rippling effect on our planet.