Durafresh Cloth

Hello sustainability, goodbye bacteria

rinses 99% germ free

clean without chemicals

germs & odor gone

Rinse Away Germs & Odor. REALLY.

In independent lab tests DURAFRESH™ cloth rinsed 99% free of germs and odor causing bacteria like Listeria and E.coli. And, 96% effective in rinsing away Salmonella.


The distinct multi-layer open design of DURAFRESH™ picks up and efficiently RINSES AWAY germy messes reducing need for chemical cleaners and odor controllers.


DURAFRESH™ is USDA 96% BIO-RATED. Made from our most renewable resource, trees, it lasts for up to hundreds of uses and biodegrades in as little as 12 weeks post-use.


DURAFRESH™ cloth is reusable, each one displacing dozens of paper towel rolls, thus reducing waste and saving you money.

Watch Durafresh Rinse 99% CLEAN

Product Reviews

We absolutely love this cloth! Halfway thru our AT hike we found it at a rest stop and it has been with us since. We use it for everything!

– Carol S. and Jane F. (Virginia)

Immediately fell in love and even have used them for my kid's fundraisers. What else does DuraFresh make? Keep it coming!

– Susan W. (Iowa)

Thanks for making such an awesome product. Feels and clean great. Been telling all my friends.

– Jeremy P. (Oregon)

Began using DuraFresh cloth in the kitchen and around the house, but now we use them everywhere. it's the best face and shower cloth we've ever used!

– Emily J. (Pennsylvania)


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