Durafresh Cloth

About Us

DURAFRESH is an effective, bacteria-fighting multi-use cleaning cloth that provides value to consumers who seek healthier lifestyles while supporting environmental responsibility.  It is the first of what will soon be a family of higher performing, eco-sustainable bio-fiber products that represent a paradigm changing protocol of solutions for the future.


DURAFRESH cloth is an innovative wood-fiber product made in the USA. Though made from the same raw fiber as paper towels, its spun yarn construction gives it the integrity of long lasting fabric, the absorption of densely packed microfiber, and a rinsing efficiency far superior to traditional items in the market. Like a cotton ball is a disposable and a woven cotton fabric can be long lasting, DURAFRESH is similarly durable and is a paradigm-changing breakthrough in the application of responsible bio-fiber technology. Incredibly versatile, a single cloth outlasts dozens of paper towel rolls, thus reducing waste and saving consumers money. Since it rinses so well, DURAFRESH also reduces the need for harsh chemicals otherwise needed to kill odor causing germs trapped in a conventional cloth or sponge. Using fewer chemicals means less skin and environment exposure, and less costs to the user. GLOBEcoMaine (GEM), the proud manufacturer of DURAFRESH, believes this is the first of many eco-sustainable bio-based products of the future and GEM is working diligently to anchor this evolving bio-materials industry in the U.S.  The impact will be lasting, with good jobs and economic development around repurposing forestry, pulping and textile infrastructure.  Questions?  Contact us for more information.