Durafresh Cloth

DuraFresh 2-Cloth 3-Pack

$25.98 $29.97

Quantity: 6 cloths 

Made from the most abundant and sustainable natural resource, trees. DuraFresh’s unique multi-layer open-weave design picks up germy messes yet easily rinses clean under tap water. Its bio-fiber construction resists stains and independent lab tests show it rinses 99.9% germ-free/odor-free. Each cloth lasts up to 1,000 cleanups before composting. Durafresh is the #1 alternative to paper-towels, microfiber & sponges. It’s tough on stuck-on grime, but soft enough to be a preferred personal care cloth.  Experience the science, magic & comfort of DuraFresh.

  • Superior pick-up of Spills, Debris, & Germs
  • Rinsability Leader: Rinses 99.9% GERM-FREE
  • Biodegradability Leader: USDA Bio-Rated 96%
  • Save Money & Reduce Waste: 2 Cloths = 40 paper-towel rolls
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

Begin by rinsing out the protective vegetable starch with water, or machine wash.  Avoid fabric softener to retain absorbency.  Recommend air dry to extend life. DuraFresh cloth becomes softer, thicker and more absorbent with repeat use.  Rinse and wring out after each use to keep fresh.